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Dice Merge & Match Puzzle


Dice Merge & Match Puzzle is a free, exciting, and addicting game that’s just made for the merge dice match 3 lovers.

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Come and play this simple but also challenging game, your well-thought-out and logical moves are required. You will train your brain while enjoying solving puzzles. The powerful boosters can help ensure you have more fun in this addictive game. Wish you would become a merge dice master in this challenging puzzles world!

How to Play Dice Merge

+ Tap to rotate the dice strategically before dragging them onto the puzzle board.
+ Place dice onto the 5*5 blocks board.
+ Match three or more dice with the same dot or the same number, to merge them horizontally, vertically, or both into a higher value.
+ You cannot merge different number dice.
+ Merging the special jewel dice, to get a tornado booster and win more scores.
+ The game will be over once there is no space for more dice.

Special Features

+ Helpful boosters: Hammer, dust bin, and tornado
+ Hammer booster can be used to destroy or remove any dice on the puzzle board.
+ Dust bin booster can be used to get new dice to rotate and place on the board.
+ Tornado booster can destroy all the dice in any row on the puzzle board.
+ Fun and addictive
+ Offline available
+ No time limits
+ Score goals

Drag and drop dice blocks onto the puzzle board and try to make your match. The value of the die is associated with its color. Try merging the dice to discover these for yourself! As your strategy improves, you can earn different boosters that will help you merge dice and increase your score.

Get it on Galaxy Store Get it on Galaxy Store

Have fun playing Dice Merge & Match Puzzle!

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