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Sky Fighters Air Combat


Play Sky Fighters Air Combat and join the ongoing aircraft battle, win many dogfights, shoot enemy forces from your warplane and fight on the side of Allies against the Enemies.

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It’s a WW2 style game. Fly your airplane through a rainstorm of missiles and bullets and win the title of a top shooter, defeat all the adversaries by shooting down enemy military aircrafts. Fight off the waves of Enemy planes in this World War II style game as a fearless war commander, standing tall against the enemy sky fighters!

Lead your army to the victory and defend your land from enemy air fighters! Air commander games offer a glance into the world of war; so, prepare yourself for exciting new missions, challenging and powerful enemies and spectacular aerial battles. Experience the air combat like never before with this retro arcade airplane shooter game!

Dispatch the catastrophic strikes to the enemy aircrafts, shoot ‘em up and show them who’s the real boss in WWII top down air combat shooter. This vertical aircraft battle arcade game offers the experience of one-on-one dogfights.

Enjoy the classic WWII style air combat game with immersive playgrounds! Win the battles in this air combat shooting game: fire missiles, drop bombs, release hellfire on the enemy aircrafts. Being a commander of war, it is your mission to win the sky fighters battle and be the best airplane shooter. 

Are you on a looking for an exciting air plane shooting games with a World War 2 theme and fast-paced gameplay? Sky Fighters Air Combat is an amazing shooting plane game for your android device and keeps you entertained for hours.

Fight against the enemy air fighters in modern military aircraft and test your airplane shooting skills in such a hostile environment! Don’t forget, there are epic boss battles at the end of all “fighter jet games with missions”!

Main Features:
• Fast paced, action packed game-play
• Battle and defeat thousands of enemy warplanes!
• Lots of interesting Levels and Boss fight
• Extreme air combat and epic bosses to fight!
• Play and enjoy the role of front-line commander
• Fight wing-to-wing and win in the colossal dog fight!
• Get through a series of air force attacks from enemy jet fighters
• Fly over magnificent scenery and worlds
• Immersive experience of playing the role of top jet fighter pilot and fight for air combat
• Upgrade shields, guns, missiles and bombs on your jet fighter
• Smooth and simple aircraft control system
• Arcade vertical shooters for all generations of players.
• The game is well optimized for all Android devices including tabs

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Have fun playing Sky Fighters Air Combat!