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Fun Shooting Spiral


Fun Shooting Spiral is a simple tap-to-shoot game for users of all ages. In each level, random objects (e.g., balls, balloons, fire, dice, bottles, etc.) circle around the spiral, and the goal is to shoot the matching objects without hitting the Spiral or other objects.

Can you beat the rotating spiral and hit only the matching objects? Which level can you get to? Download now and find out!

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How to Play

– Tap on the screen to shoot and hit the matching object on the Spiral
– Hit the matching item around the Spiral without hitting the Spiral or any other item
– Each level contains a random number and type of items
– The Spiral in each level spins and rotates differently at different speeds

Make sure to hit the correct item circling around the spiral with the relevant item. For example,

– Shoot the Fire with Water Ball to put out the fire
– Shoot the Balls with matching Balls (e.g., shoot a beach ball with a beach ball)
– Shoot the Bowling Pin with Bowling Ball
– Shoot the Bottle with a Sports Ball
– Shoot the Balloon with Balloon Pin
– Shoot the Dice with the same Dice face (e.g., if Dice’s face is 6, it should be hit with face 6 only)
– Shoot the Billiards Ball with the matching Billiards Ball (e.g., if the ball number is 8, hit it with the number 8 ball)
– Hit Alphabet letters to make words!


  • More Power-Ups added! Now single or multiple objects on the spiral can be hit using the power-ups
  • New Levels selection screen to make it easier to select any level to play
  • New Themes, each level has a new look!
  • Ability to choose the difficulty level (EASY, MEDIUM, HARD)
  • Over 700 levels to master, and more upcoming
  • Engaging & addictive gameplay
  • Leaderboard support to compete against other players
  • In-App purchases support was added. Now users can get rid of the Ads forever via In-App purchases and can buy in-app star coins.
  • Daily Rewards Added! Play and get rewards every day!
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Have fun playing Fun Shooting Spiral Game!

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