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Drop Merge Blocks 2048


Enjoy playing this fantastic Drop Merge Blocks 2048 Puzzle Game! By dropping and merging the numbered blocks down, you can add them and make bigger numbered blocks! Easy to start and challenging to master!

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The higher numbered blocks you merge, you get the higher your score and the more powerful boosters.

How to Play Drop Merge 2048

* Touch any empty cells in the game field to drop the block in that column.
* Drop the blocks on top of another block.
* When a block is dropped on the block with the same number, it’ll be merged into a bigger number.
* All the same number blocks will be merged together with the exponentiation of number 2.
* To win the game, merge blocks to get the 2048 block.
* The topmost block can be picked up by tapping on any one block at a time. However, on the next move, it falls down with one additional block in any random column. This option makes the game more interesting but also challenging.* Boosters can be very useful to beat tricky challenges and to win the game.
* By dropping and merging more blocks, boosters also become available as the progress bar along each booster is completed. Activate the booster by touching it, and use the booster by tapping on any blocks you’d like to use the booster on.
* Cut to half booster cuts the value of the block to half when used on any block.
* Pick-up booster picks up any block and makes it available to drop in any other column you like.
* Trash booster simply removes the block from the game field.

Special Features

* Free to play
* Game will let you know the next blocks
* Time killer but makes you smart
* Simple and modern graphic design
* No wifi connection required, play anytime and anywhere
* In-game boosters
* Smooth and interesting gameplay

Although the main goal of the game is to get the 2048 block to win, this is not the limit. Continue to enjoy merging more blocks to even bigger numbered blocks and find out where you can get to!

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Have fun playing Drop Merge Blocks 2048!

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