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Blockystery – Block Puzzle Champ


Blockystery – Block Puzzle Champ game is so much fun to play and helps you improve your spatial geometric skills. Expand your puzzle-solving skills in this addictive game now! Once you start, you will never stop! This is an addictive and easy-to-learn puzzle game where you bend your mind and fly your fingers.

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Block Puzzle Champ

Are you ready to push your limits?

How to Play Block Puzzle Champ

+ Drag gems blocks to place them on the board.
+ Remove blocks by creating full lines on the grid vertically or horizontally.
+ Game over if there is no room for extra blocks.
+ Try to remove multiple lines at a time to get a higher score.
+ The more rows you remove at once, the more stars you will earn.
+ Use powerful boosters like Bolt and Bomb to destroy several blocks at once.

Block Puzzle Champ Features

+ Elegant game Interface
+ Classic gameplay combined with match 3
+ Perfect combination of blocks and puzzles
+ Powerful boosters to beat challenging levels
+ Easy to play, and classic puzzle game for all ages
+ It is all free and no Wifi is needed
+ Addictive gameplay. Play Block Puzzle Champ when you are bored or want to train your brain – anytime, anywhere.

Why play this block puzzle game?
Block Puzzle Champ has been made for people who want to relax and train their brains at the same time. This block puzzle game includes combinations of various scales and complexity together with simple addictive gameplay. Whether you are tired or in low spirits, a few rounds of playing Block Puzzle Champ will cheer you up and let your mind relax.

There is no time limit in this block puzzle game, so no rush. Think one step ahead if you have to face a difficult move. It might be your last one.

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Have fun playing Blockystery – Block Puzzle Champ!

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