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Bounce Up Ball – Fun & Challenging


Bounce Up Ball game builds skills like focus and control, so, focus on the bouncy ball and make your move at the right moment to pass through the obstacles in various shapes and sizes.

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Bounce Up Ball is a fun and addictive casual arcade-style game. Simply tap the screen to bounce the ball upwards carefully through various obstacles. Moving through obstacles is challenging so wait for the right moment before you tap to move further. Although making a wrong move will start the game yet the fun part is, each time the game starts with a variety of new obstacles to bounce through. 

How to Play Bounce Up Ball

+ Tap on the screen to bounce the ball upwards, without tapping on the screen, the ball may fall and the game starts over.
+ To take a break while playing, tap the pause button to pause the gameplay
+ To cross challenging obstacles, sometimes you may have to wait by slowly tapping on the screen until there’s a way, and tapping faster to cross the obstacles quickly.
+ More types of balls and items can be unlocked by collecting more stars while bouncing the ball upwards. 
+ Once you have earned enough stars. Simply tap on the lock icons on the main screen to unlock more types of balls to play with.

Bounce Up Ball Features:
+ Fun and addictive endless bounce up ball gameplay
+ Variety of obstacles to bounce through each time game starts
+ More types of balls unlockable to have more play and fun!
+ Wi-Fi connection is not required, yet you can unlock the full game features when connected to the internet
+ Share and invite your friends within the game
+ Cute and stunning graphics with fun-filled gameplay
+ No time limit, the best casual game to pass your free time

Get Bounce Up Ball on Galaxy Store

Let’s download the Bounce Up game and enjoy the fantastic bouncy balls games world!

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